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The following are included in the laboratory infrastructure:

  • The national prototype kilogram, No.54, the primary and the secondary mass standards (1mg to 500 kg) and   the sub-milligram mass standards (0,1 mg to 0,5 mg)
  • High accuracy mass comparators (for example: maximum capacity of 1kg and readability of 0,0001 mg
  • Robotic mass measurements systems (Example: 2 kg to 50 kg and 1 mg to 5 g)
  • Hydrostatic weighing systems utilized to determine density / volume of the reference mass standards: a volume mass comparator (1 g to 1 kg) and density/ volume  determination systems (2 kg to 10 kg  and 20 kg to 50 kg) 
  • Equipment employed to verify mass standards acc. OIML R-111: the different accuracy classes of mass standards, mass comparators (1 mg to 500 kg), susceptometer, gaussmeter and the density determination systems (1 g to 50 kg)
  • Equipment employed for testing and for pattern approval tests of non-automatic weighing instruments acc. 2009/23/EC, NAWID:  the different accuracy classes of mass standards, climatic chambers and endurance testing device