Planned Developments

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The Dimensional Laboratories are aiming to meet the demands of future industrial applications in Turkey as well as the current ones. Extension of the current measurement services is planned for the future and some research activities are undergoing. Establishment of some new measurement systems are planned as follows: 

  •  Establishment of 50m test facilities. (For calibration of Absolute Distance Measurement (ADM) devices, precise long range measurements, and refractive index measurements) 
  •  Establishment of Nanometrology Laboratory (For calibration of periodic lattices and surface topography standards, photo mask measurements and accurate measurements of client supplied test pieces particularly in semiconductor industry) 

Research activities underway:
•    Long range test facilities for Absolute Distance Measurement (ADM) devices 
•    High accuracy 3-D form measurements and diameter measurements 
•    High-precision straigthness-squareness measurement system 
•    Precise line scale and mask measurements 
•    Gauge block measurements with non-nominal standards 
•    Development of methods for calibration of encoders 
•    Design of Metrology AFM for nano dimension standards