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Dr. Bülent Aydemir

He was born in Eskisehir. He took B.Sc. degree in 1996 in mechanical engineering from Erciyes University, M.Sc. degree in 1994 from Kocaeli University and Ph.D. degree in 2003 in mechanical engineering from Osmangazi University, Eskisehir, Turkey. He is working in Force Laboratories of National Metrology Institute (UME) of Turkey since 2000 as an expert researcher. His research fields are test and calibration of force transducers, material test machines, extensometers, hardness test machines, impact test machines and fatigue test machines.


In 1994, he has graduated from the Faculty of Science, Department of Physics in Istanbul University (İ.Ü). He has started to work in TÜBİTAK National Metrology Institute (NMI) began working as a researcher in 1998. Between 1998 and 2006, nitrogen and helium gas liquefaction, cryogenic materials (liquid nitrogen - helium dewar, liquid helium transfer siphon) maintenance, repair and vacuum was made by him. Since 2006, He has been working in the Force Laboratory of TÜBİTAK UME in filed of the creation of standards and calibration uncertainty calculations and national and international interlaboratory comparisons. He also has involved in training in the field of force metrology.

Cihan KUZU

Cihan KUZU, took B.Sc. degree of Middle East Technical University Arth-Science Faculty Physics Department in 1998. He started to his work life at TÜBİTAK UME Force Laboratories as a researcher in the same year. He took M.Sc. Degree of Kocaeli University Engineering Faculty Mechatronics Engineering in 2006. He has been working on design and production of machines, laboratory accreditation in accordance with EN ISO 17025, training and consultancy and calibration in the field of Hardness and Force Metrology. His Phd study is going on at İstanbul Technical University Advanced Tecnologies Section Material Science and Technology Department. He has been representing TÜBİTAK UME in UME CCM WGH (Hardness Working Group) and IMEKO TC5 (Hardness Technical Committee) since 2002. Besides UME Hardness Laboratory’s work, he is running 1 KAMAG 1007 project supported by TÜBİTAK.


He graduated from Graduated from Mechanical Engineering Department of Middle East Technical University in 1992. He has been completed his master degree in 1998, in Mechanical Engineering of Istanbul Technical University. In 1996, He has started working as a researcher in TÜBİTAK UME Force Laboratory and still working in the same lab in the field of torque metrology.


Ercan PELİT took the degree of engineering from Yıldız Üniversity Kocaeli Engineering Faculty Mechanical Engineering Department in 1993 and then took the degree of M.Sc. from Kocaeli Üniversity Mechanical Engineering Department. He had worked at the same university as a reserarch assistant between 1993-1997. He has been working at TÜBİTAK UME Force Laboratories (Force, Hardness, Torque) as a researcher since 1999.

Dr. Haldun DİZDAR

He graduated Bachelor of Science education at Yildiz University on Department of Mechanical Engineering in the year of 1996. Respectively in 1998, he graduated Master of Science education at Kocaeli University, Institute of Science on Mechanical Engineering Department, after that he graduated Philosophy of Doctorate education at Sakarya University, Institute of Science on Mechanical Engineering Department in 2006. He worked at TÜBİTAK UME Mass Laboratories in between the years 2000-2013 as a senior researcher. He has done some studies on mass, balance, volume and density metrology issues in the field of national and international areas. He has been working at TÜBİTAK UME Force Laboratories since October 2013.