Establishing of the Traceability Chain of Pulsed Laser Radiation Sources Used in the Measurement of Laser Energy Meters

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Lasers widely used in various industries like health, communications, aerospace, defense according to their radiation modes can be divided into two groups; continuous and pulsed lasers. The measurement needs of continuous mode lasers in our country can be met with the infrastructure established in the UME Optics Laboratory. However, due to lack of the pulse mode laser measurement infrastructure the measurement demands in this area can not be met. Only the calibration needs of the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) at 1064 nm wavelength can be provided by the measurement systems which are traceable to international metrology laboratories. In this proposed project realization of reference standards used in the pulsed mode laser (Q-switched) measurements traceable to UME primary level measurement standards and provision of pulsed laser measurement services to the institutions and organizations across the country are aimed.