Establishment of a Calibration Laboratory for TEİAŞ

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On-site electromagnetic field measurements, case-study for instrument current and voltage transformer calibrations, automatic calibration of power quality analyzer via calibrators and calibration system for PQ calibrators, and establishment of a calibration laboratory with the required quality system for accreditation


A project with four sub-projects was started by TUBITAK UME to fulfill the metrological requirements of the Turkish Electricity Transmission Company (TEİAŞ). The aims of the project are as follows:

* Establishing on-site electromagnetic field measurement capability,
* To provide a feasibility report on establishing calibration facilities for current and voltage transformers,
* To develop a calibration method and calibrators for the calibration of distributed power & energy analyzers throughout the country,
* Transferring metrological know-how to establish TEİAŞ Calibration Laboratories and improve capabilities with training and quality documentation for accreditation.