Establishment of Sound Velocity Measurement System in Solid Materials

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Solid materials provide many contributions to the world of technology. These materials, as transducers, devices, sytems, are widely used in many diverse areas and applications. Mechanical, optical and thermal properties of materials are the basic parameters that have been investigated. Sound velocity is one of mechanical properties of the material, related with elastic property. Because of this, it is a requirement to be measured the absolute value of sound velocity in the materials. The change in sound velocity in a material with the change of temperature, pressure and magnetic field is another important issue that provides to get information from the material structure. In this project, our aim is to measure absolute sound velocity and the change of sound velocity in the material with a high accuracy by using Pulse Echo Overlap (PEO) method. At the end of this project, an absolute sound velocity measurement system in the solids doing a measurement with an uncertainity 5/10000 has been setup. In addition, there has been an automatic system performing measurements from liquid nitrogen temperature to room temperature. So there is going to be included a new magnitude for the capability of Acoustics Laboratory. The experiences and knowledge acquired in this project would be used for requested industrial projects and the infrastructure would be ready in this area.