Further Development of the SASO Time and Frequency Laboratory (SASO-NMCC)

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The target of the project is to display real time information in nanosecond resolution in the foyer area of Saudi Standard, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) National Metrology and Calibration Center (NMCC) and the main building of SASO. The time on the displays will be synchronized to UTC (SASO). A stop button on the control panel allows the user to temporarily stop the display and obtain a print of nanosecond resolution time information. The outputs of the project are:

  • Control System for synchronizing LED screens to atomic frequency standard.
  • Two 4 m x 0.7 m size nanosecond resolution LED Screens which are synchronized to UTC (SASO)
  • Control System for pausing LED Screen time information and printing real time information on a card with user name

(in progress)