The manufacturing of Reference Calorimeter for Solid Liquid and Gas Materials

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In this project, design and manufacturing of a reference gas calorimeter complying with the requirements of ISO  15971:2008 “Natural gas - Measurement of properties - Calorific value and Wobbe index”, and design and manufacturing of reference  solid and liquid calorimeters complying with the requirements of TS 1740:2006” Liquid hydrocarbon fuels determination of heat of combustion bomb calorimeter method ” and ASTM D5865-2013 “Standard Test Method for Gross Calorific Value of Coal and Coke ” will be performed.
The design and manufacturing processes of all of three calorimeters are based on the same principle. While the polishing process of the inner surface of the combustion chambers of reference solid and liquid calorimeters, made of stainless steel, are a necessary application, the combustion chamber of the reference gas calorimeter is manufactured from glass. Thanks to these reference calorimeters designed and manufactured, the heat energy values of gas, solid and liquid fuels, dissipated with the combustions of these types of fuels will precisely and accurately be measured with an international level.
With the accomplishment of the project, calorific values of certified reference materials having international traceability will exactly be computed by means of the experimental studies on these reference calorimeters and the certification processes belonging to the measurement of the calorific values of the relevant fuel will be performed with calibration methods to be developed. Moreover, this design and manufacturing studies of these reference calorimeters will cause the appearances of the scientific and technological works, which we require in calculating the calorific values of the relevant fuels.