Metrology for a Universal Ear Simulator and The Perception of Non-audible Sound (Ears)

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This European project aims to establish a new understanding of human perception of non-audible sound as well as the metrology infrastructure necessary to put in place effective safety criteria based on establishing perception thresholds. The project also aims to improve the relevance of metrology in modern audiological practices, to bring about improved quality and reliability of results by development of a universal ear simulator.

UME will evaluate the new ear simulator with modified reciprocity calibration system by means of measuring its acoutical characteristics (like acoustic transfer impedance) according to IEC 60318-1 ear simulator standard. UME will also determine the performance of newly developed ear simulator in Audiology Department of Marmara University, Faculty of Medicine, which is the collaborator of the project.

Detailed information about the project is available at  page.