Preparation and Certification of Primary Reference Gas Mixtures for Natural Gas Analysis

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In this project, main components in natural gas (methane, ethane, propane, i-butane, n-butane, i-pentane, n-pentane, hexane, hydrogen, helium, carbon dioxide and nitrogen) at various gas concentrations as primary reference gas mixtures will be prepared and certified. At the end of the project, approximately 15 primary gas mixtures will be prepared and reference material preparation and analysis services will be offered. Furthermore this project will serve i) to the involvement in natural gas analyses related activity plans listed in BIPM GAWG for years 2013-2023, ii) for maintaining the traceability through TÜBİTAK UME for natural gas distribution companies, gas producers and private or state analysis by preparation of the primary reference gas mixtures, which is the main activity of the Gas Metrology laboratory, and finally iii) for other national metrology institutes preparing their primary gas mixtures and build their infrastructure.

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