Realizatıon Of Trecability Of Radiance Responsivity

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As a result of the extensive use of conventional energy sources the carbon dioxide and other gases releases into the atmosphere by creating the greenhouse effect cause environmental pollution, global warming and climate change. Therefore, from the project calls made by the European Union (EU) in recent years, mainly environmental and health related issues can be seen. Besides the research and developments can be made in these areas, particularly the developments of the measurement methods and techniques have great importance on modeling the energy consumption and climate change for making forward projections and taking the  necessary measures for these issues.
Examining the measurements techniques in these areas, it can be seen that the optical measurement techniques have the crucial importance. Accordingly, the developments of techniques especially related to the polarization, reflection, radiance responsivity like optical properties of the instruments used in the space observations, energy and climate change have been increased rapidly.
Parallel to the developments in the world, in our country also for the emerging new demands the developments of infrastructures are needed. Therefore, in this proposed project with the   establishment of high-resolution monochromator-based spectroradiometer system, on one side both realization of radiance responsivity and improvement of  the quality of present radiometric measurements are aimed and on the other side conducting research for the characterizations of instruments used for the potential applications in energy, health and environment are aimed.

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