Synthesis of radar absorbing materials using boron and their characterization.

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This project includes synthesis and characterization of microwave absorbers (i.e., RAM: Radar Absorbing Materials)  through the use of boron addition to prepare  magnetic-dielectric nano/submicron particles which are used as dipoles (lossy medium). It is known that the addition of a small amount of boron oxide to the initials decreases peritectic temperature of the target phase. Thus, low temperature sintering enables us to obtain small particle sizes. Ball milling can be used to decrease particle size further, if needed. In this way, we will synthesize magnetic and dielectric materials within their single domain limits which is necessary to produce high performing RAM materials. Surfaces of magnetic and dielectric fillers will be functionalized for coating with conducting polymers to improve microwave absorption properties of the material. As conducting polymer, PANI (Polyaniline) will be used. It is aimed to produce microwave absorbers, which are used both in an industrial and military applications, in our country and thus reduce reliance on the import of these materials from abroad. We plan to synthesize two types of materials for low (1-3 GHz) and high frequency (12-18 GHz) ranges.  

(in process)