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Organic Chemistry Laboratory

The Organic Chemistry Laboratory carries out activities with the aim of ensuring the quality and nationwide traceability of measurements in the area of organic chemistry. To this end, the laboratory conducts method development and method validation studies, and determines uncertainty values for new measurement methods. The laboratory works at the international level with respect to the metrological hierarchy to provide traceability and international comparability of chemical measurement results.

Since 2006, the Organic Chemistry Laboratory has been cooperating with the Energy Market Regulatory Authority to produce, distribute and control the national fuel marker, added to all types of petroleum derivative fuels distributed in Turkey for tracking and law enforcement purposes.

At the international level, the Organic Chemistry Laboratory represents Turkey in its field of expertise. In this scope, EMRP project partnerships, EURAMET TC-MC and CIPM CCQM representations are carried out. Participation in international comparison studies and publication of CMC tables in the Key Comparison Database demonstrate our metrological capability in the international arena.