Mass Laboratory

The work areas and the services provided by the Mass Laboratory are summarized as below.

The realization, maintenance and dissemination of the SI base unit “kg” is one of the main tasks of the mass laboratory. The realization of the unit of mass with an uncertainty as small as possible is crucial not only for industrial applications and legal metrology but also for scientific research. Furthermore, the realization of derived units such as the physical quantities of force, pressure and density depends on the accuracy of the realization of the unit of mass.

The realization and the dissemination of the unit of mass is ensured with the aid of primary mass standards which are traceable to the international prototype kilogram through the mass of the prototype kilogram of Turkey, No.54. Beginning from the 1 kg primary mass standards, submultiples and multiplies of the unit are realized. With the primary mass standards of mass laboratory, the reference mass standards of verification offices used in legal metrology, those of industrial companies, TÜRKAK accredited laboratories and other institutions are calibrated. The accuracy of measurements carried out by the Mass Laboratory are secured with international comparisons.