The Pressure Laboratories maintain capabilities for the measurement of 12 quantities for which Calibration and Measurement Capability (CMC) declarations have been published in the BIPM Key Comparison Database (KCDB). The Pressure Laboratories is divided into two units: the Pressure and the Vacuum Laboratories.


In TUBİTAK UME Pressure Laboratory, pressure balances are used as national standards covering the range of medium and high pressures. Effective areas and the uncertainties of different ranges of piston-cylinder units were verified upon bilateral and EURAMET comparisons. Both pneumatic and hydraulic measurements are performed.

Pneumatic measurements cover a range from 20 Pa to 100 MPa using 20 dead weight testers with an uncertainty of 25-44 ppm. Hydraulic measurements cover a range from 8x105 Pa to 500 MPa using 15 dead weight testers with an uncertainty of 49-110 ppm.

Pressure Standards Laboratory gives consultancy services about pressure metrology, calibration methods, measurement techniques and uncertainty calculations. Also, it advises companies concerning the necessary technical criteria for the construction of laboratories and obtaining laboratory accreditations.

The calibration and measurement capabilities can be seen below.

Absolute pressure 5x103 Pa - 7x106 Pa

Pneumatic relative pressure 20 Pa - 2x107 Pa

Hydraulic relative pressure 8x105 Pa - 5x108 Pa

Negative relative pressure 1x104 Pa - 1x105 Pa

pnömatik izlenebilirlik.jpghidrolik izlenebilirlik.jpg

       Traceability Chain of Pneumatic St.                  Traceability Chain of Hydraulic St.