Power and Energy Laboratory

The Power and Energy Laboratory is responsible for ensuring the integration of AC power and energy measurements and AC voltage and current ratio measurements conducted in Turkey into the international metrology system.

The duties of laboratory are to develop and maintain the national measurement standards, to ensure the recognition of the accuracy of its measurements in the international arena with international comparison measurements, to establish their traceability to related units which are then disseminated to the secondary laboratories by means of calibration and to conduct research and development activities on the needs of industry in the field of electrical power metrology.

The Power and Energy Laboratory provides calibrations for a wide range of measuring equipment such as electricity meters, power-energy measuring devices, voltage and current transformers.

Power and energy measurements are realized in the voltage range of 30V-500V, in the current range of 0,01A-120A and in the frequency values of 50 and 60Hz. Power measurements are performed with uncertainties of 22 µW/VA (22ppm) to 200 µW/VA (200ppm) within the power frequencies.

AC current measurements are performed up to 5000A with expanded uncertainties of 0,005% for ratio and 0,05 mrad for phase angle. AC Voltage measurements are realized up to 36kV with expanded uncertainties of 0,01% for ratio and 0,1 mrad for phase angle. Measurements are carried out at 50 and 60Hz.

AC power unity is obtained at the primary level using the AC Power Measurement Standard which is called a Digital Sampling Wattmeter in the laboratory. The accuracy of AC power measurements is transferred to power measurement devices used in the laboratory and is then disseminated to customer devices using these power measurement devices by means of calibration.

The traceability is ensured for AC current ratio measurements using the standard current comparator and the current transformer test set at the primary level and for AC voltage ratio measurements using the standard voltage transformer and the voltage transformer test set at the secondary level.