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Gaz Metrolojisi


Dr. TANIL TARHAN (Head of Laboratory)

Dr. Tanıl Tarhan received his BSc, MSc and PhD degrees from the Department of Chemical Engineering in Middle East Technical University (METU), Turkey, in 1997, 1999 and 2004, respectively. He worked as a teaching assistant in the same Department during his MSc and PhD studies. He has worked as a senior researcher in Chemistry Group Laboratories since 2006. Currently, he is head of Gas Metrology Laboratory of UME.



  • EU-IPA Project, 2008-2011:  Quality Infrastructure in the Western Balkans and Turkey
  • EU-IPA Project, 2011-2014:  Quality Infrastructure in the Western Balkans and Turkey
  • FP7 EMRP Researcher Mobility Grant, 2012-2013: Metrology for Chemical Pollutants in Air
  • UME Internal Project, 2014-2017: Preparation and certification of primary reference gases for carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide


The Gas Metrology Laboratory was established in 2011. Equipment and systems available in this laboratory include the followings:

Gas Mixture Preparation Laboratory

  • Gas filling station
  • Turbo-molecular vacuum pump system
  • Cylinder roller
  • Cylinder weighing systems

Gas Analysis Laboratory

Gas Metrology Laboratory

The ultimate objective of gas metrology can be given as identification, method development for the analyses, investigation and application of industrial gases, exhaust emission gases and atmospheric gas components, as well as establishing a traceability chain for gas measurements and providing support for scientific, legal and industrial activities involving gas measurements. Primary gas standards with very low uncertainty values can provide sustainable and traceable gas measurements required in the field of health, environment and safety.

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